Welcome! My name is Kristin Cole and this site is dedicated to documenting my adventures, both in life and in nature, through written word and photographs.

A little about me…

I grew up in a small community in southern Wisconsin and spent much of my childhood outside riding bikes, swimming in lakes, searching for frogs and caterpillars, running through the forest, camping in the backyard, and watching the stars from the rooftop of my parent’s house.  It’s no surprise that as an adult, my love of nature continued. I soon discovered a passion for hiking, photography, and travel and it wasn’t long before I found myself moving across the country to pursue all three of these from the Pacific Northwest as an Oregonian with my pug, Cole, by my side. After 5 1/2 years as an Oregonian, through my minimalism journey, I decided to make some big changes to the way I lived my life and now am enjoying the nomadic life of a traveler, living on the road with Cole, exploring this great big world we live in and having many adventures along the way!

A little about Cole…

Cole was born in Coleman, Wisconsin in the fall of 2008. His original family could no longer care for him when he was just 9-months old. Luckily, he was brought to the animal shelter that I was managing and I fell in love with him immediately and adopted him that same day. Since then, Cole has brought joy to all those he has met on his many adventures with me across the country. He enjoys car rides, hiking, treats, running on the beach, playing with other dogs, and receiving as much love and attention as possible from everyone he encounters.

I hope you enjoy following our adventures together. The universe has presented an interesting journey for Cole and I, with lots of ups, downs, twists, and turns, but through humor and a positive attitude, we continue to navigate this big, beautiful world with grace and grow from every misadventure that comes our way.